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My name is Julian Wergieluk. This is my blog and homepage.

I am an engineer and mathematician with a broad range of interests. Currently, I work as a machine learning engineer at DataRobot. Opinions expressed on the website are of my own.

Current interests

As of Nov 2020, this a selection of topics I am interested in.

  • Mathematics of epidemics modeling (with a particular emphasis on COVID-19)
  • GARCH-like time series models
  • Probability, statistics, and machine learning in general.
  • Risk-budgeting approach to portfolio optimization
  • Fungi – recognizing species and building up general knowledge. With no particular goal in mind.
  • Baking sourdough bread and fermenting vegetables
  • Meditation

Why this blog?

I work on this blog because it’s fun.

  • I am not trying to reach any particular goal other than enjoying working on this blog.
  • In particular, the intended audience of this blog is just one person: “me”. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to read this stuff and I hope you can find something interesting here.
  • It’s not about self-promotion. I am not trying to impress anybody or present myself as more clever than I really am. On contrary, I would like to encourage myself to write about simple concepts that proved difficult for me to grasp.
  • So far, most of the articles here are about mathematics, machine learning and, software engineering. This is just because I have been interested in these topics for some time.
  • I am not an English native speaker. I am trying to use English correctly and I strive to produce texts that are enjoyable to read. I also enjoy searching for simple and clear formulations of my thoughts. On the other hand, I don’t want to over-optimize it.

I am not tracking you

For reasons outlined above, currently, I am not using any tracking software or scripts (like Google Analytics). I am also not using any cookies. This is a static website hosted on Netlify which uses their generous free plan. This plan doesn’t include traffic analytics.

I once watched a lecture in which someone from LinkedIn said that users spend a significant amount of time accessing their own profile pages without performing any modifications. It’s as if they were watching themselves in a mirror. In the past, I found myself doing something similar when browsing Google Analytics statistics.

Also, I don’t have any amount of traffic on this website, that I could brag about.

I am sure, some of the readers would like to comment the last sentence with “this!”, or similar. They might have a point, but, unfortunately, I don’t support commenting either.


My gnupg key: 0xDBCF703C.asc

Except where otherwise noted, this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 Internationala License.